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Social Media: Another Business Tool

Social media has changed the world of business. It has magnified the chance for people to shop online, discover new opportunities and connect with people all over the world. While there will never be a replacement for that personal interaction a Paparazzi Consultant has become known for, if you aren’t plugged into social media, you could be missing a huge opportunity to expand your business and create meaningful online connections. With the new website, Paparazzi has made a conscious decision to integrate social media icons that allow you to pin, tweet and share accessories you love directly to your social media pages. These icons are located on each individual image as well as the top of the screen throughout the site. See a headband or necklace you love? Pin it to your Pinterest board, share on Facebook or even tweet about it! There is a proven, direct correlation between those images that are shared on social media and the sales that are generated. Take advantage of this amazing business tool that is right at your fingertips!

Pinterest: This social media platform is all about learning and discovery. Create a board with products you love that your customers can purchase directly from your replicated website. When your followers discover that these accessories are only $5, they are going to flip! Make sure you put the name of the accessory, your Consultant ID, and (where XXXX is your Consultant ID number) in the description so they know how to search for the item and give you credit if they go directly to the website. You can also create boards that give your customers ideas of how to stylize their accessories, organize their $5 habit and more. Check out our Pinterest board here, for ideas.