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Keeping a Personal Connection through Online Sales

With the launch of the new online shopping cart at, you now have the ability to invite friends and family across the country to feed their $5 habit in a whole new way. The hottest trends at Paparazzi’s famously unbeatable $5 price are now just a mouse click away. There is no doubt that this will increase your customer base and fuel sales unlike anything you’ve seen before. However, it is now more important than ever that you make the extra effort to reach out your customers and continue to build relationships with them. Letting your customers know that you appreciate them creates an environment wherein loyalty can develop. Here are some tips and tools that can help you build that personal connection with your online shoppers:

Thank You Cards: When was the last time you received a personalized, handwritten thank you note from a company that you bought product from? Make it a habit to check your Back Office daily for new customer orders and send thank you notes to everyone who has ordered. Don’t forget to include your business card with your replicated website information on it! When your customer is ready to reorder, they will be much more likely to order directly from you instead of searching for another Consultant because you have made the transaction personal. To view your customers’ orders, log into your Back Office and click on ‘Orders.’ From the Orders Summary page, click on ‘Customer Orders.’ This will give you a summary of all customers who have ordered recently. Use the filters and search features to pull the most recent orders. Clicking on ‘View Order Details’ under the order date will pull up a summary of the customer’s entire order, which will give you an idea of their preferred style of jewelry. Priceless! - You will also receive an email when one of your customers has purchased from you.

Frequent Buyer Cards: Nothing builds a customer connection more quickly than free product! Encourage your customers to return to you for all of their accessory purchases by including a Frequent Buyer Card with their thank you note. When a customer qualifies for their freebie, let them browse the website and pick out their new piece. You can then place the order and ship it directly to them.

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