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Spring is the Season of Spontaneous Buying

Did you know that spring is the second busiest season of the year for Paparazzi Consultants? The new spring line is here and it is full of just what your customers are looking for: It’s fresh, bright, and beautiful! If you haven’t yet, consider hosting a re-launch party to show off your new inventory and get ready to book some parties for these upcoming gift-giving occasions: Mother’s Day: Feeling fabulous is on every mom’s wish-list! Because of our unique price point, children, husbands, daughters, and grandmothers can pick out beautiful gifts for that special woman in their lives without breaking the bank. Mother’s Day is just over a month away, so start putting the word out NOW that you have what those shoppers are looking for! Prom: High school girls want to look amazing for their big formal night and parents want to keep the budget within realistic boundaries. Paparazzi accessories can add some flair to any ensemble for a fraction of the price you would pay at the mall! From hair clips to bracelets, Paparazzi has you covered! Graduation: Whether you want to reward your graduate or thank your child’s teacher for an amazing year, Paparazzi is answer! Why not see about setting up a shopping spree in the teachers’ lounge? The end of the school year is a great reason to party!

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