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The Power Of Accountability

With the new year around the corner, the excitement of goal setting is inevitable! The beginning of a new year is like a clean slate and brings renewed ambition to those ready to make a change. What are you hoping to achieve in the coming year? Do you have your mind set on walking the Paparazzi runway at IGNITE in August? Are you determined to add a certain number of new Consultants to your growing team? Maybe you have your sights set on increasing your retail profit by hosting more parties or mastering the online party system. Whatever your goals for 2015 may be, increase your chances of achieving them by implementing a system of accountability. Sharing your goals with an accountability partner dramatically increases your chances of accomplishing them. At Paparazzi, this accountability partner is known as your BBA (Business Building Advocate). Your BBA is someone who will challenge you, ask you hard questions, support your goals, and celebrate milestones alongside you. They should know of your short-term and long-term goals and should be updated regularly on your progress. Your BBA should not be shy about contacting you when you forget to follow up with them on how a party went, how many business cards you passed out, or any other activity you have been working on. Who do you have in your life that can fulfill the role of a BBA? Your Sponsor? A relative? A friend? Accountability plays a powerful role in achieving any goal that you set. It accelerates your performance, helps you measure your progress, keeps you responsible, validates your thoughts and ideas, and it keeps you engaged in your journey. It’s easy to postpone a project or avoid the more difficult aspects of reaching your goal when nobody else knows about it! Set yourself up for success in 2015 by connecting to a BBA and witnessing the power of accountability.

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