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15 Reasons to Join the Paparazzi Party in 2015

The New Year is here! It’s a season of fresh starts, renewed ambition, and incredible excitement about all you are hoping to achieve over the coming months. January evokes the feeling of a clean slate and brings a recommitment to change what needs to be changed: Finances, schedules, careers, stress levels, and so much more! At this time of year, people are open to new challenges and experiences, which means it’s a perfect time to share the amazing Paparazzi opportunity! In fact, here are 15 fabulous reasons to share the Paparazzi opportunity in 2015:

  1. Feed your own $5 habit (at a discount!).

  2. Connect to your community.

  3. Make money selling something you love.

  4. Be paid what you’re worth.

  5. Set your own schedule.

  6. Work from home.

  7. Sell a product that sells itself and that everyone can afford.

  8. Offer a product that makes people feel good about themselves!

  9. Party for a living. No presentations or sales pitches.

  10. Be empowered by taking control of your future.

  11. Connect with an amazing group of Consultants who will quickly become like family.

  12. Generate “fun” money whenever you need it! Anything you want to do is just a party away.

  13. Contribute to your family’s finances while being a stay-at-home mom.

  14. Experience free time that allows you to do more of what you love.

  15. Be your own boss. Don’t you think you deserve a raise?

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