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Let's Flourish Together



team united fashionistas

Let's Flourish Together

Welcome to Team United Fashionistas!

This will be the workbook that you will be working on for the next few weeks to set that foundation for your Paparazzi Accessories business. Make sure you download it and print, even though is digital. 

Getting Started in the Paparazzi Business

Within this program you will find Support, education, and help in finding success in building your Paparazzi Business.

There is not greater goal within us than to see the achievement and success of a consultant who decides to take the steps towards changing their lives and the lives of their team members. 

Now, throughout this program will be great detail, hints and tips, and recommendations which I have followed and others also; but remember there  is not simpler way to build your business than to get it started on the right foot, and teach others to do the same. 

Please take the time to watch the video below.

Extra tip

Identify the Opportunity

Your first step is learning if Paparazzi is right for you. This is an easy step as we have learned that Paparazzi can be right for everyone. As much as we understand that, it is just as important for you to understand that.


The first time I saw Paparazzi at a Home party, where all the ladies where going crazy, I SAW myself doing this. It was a no-brainer. I knew I could sell $5 to any woman, and not feel guilty about approaching others. Not only that, the compensation plan was incredible. You receive 15% of the PV (Personal Volume) of the $99 Starter kit. PLUS depending on which Rank you are in you receive an extra %. Star Consultants (0-2 Personally Sponsor Active + being an Active Consultant) = 5% of their PV. Or Director (3+ Personally Sponsors that are active + being an Active Consultant) = 10% of their PV

Paparazzi gives each consultant the ability to earn additional income for their home; to allow them to continue to develop relationships with their friends and co-workers in a low pressure environment; to encourage and enhance the self confidence of their customers through offering fashion-forward accessories at an affordable price; and most importantly have fun as they do something that brings great joy and satisfaction into their lives.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for others to see that all this happens with Paparazzi unless they do it themselves. Once you have learned that Paparazzi is right for you, it is now time to take the second step without delay. 

Paparazzi Accessories
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