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(Paparazzi Recognition)

Shining the spotlight on the Consultants is one of the favorite parts of Paparazzi!  They are constantly searching for fun and unique ways to celebrate different successes within your Paparazzi business.  It is to this end, that the Crown Club was born. 

The Crown Club was created as a complement to Paparazzi’s lavish recognition program.  Focusing on rewarding consistent effort, the Crown Club celebrates those Consultants who demonstrate the dedication and determination required to build a thriving Paparazzi business.  By maintaining personally-sponsored, active Consultants on your team for three consecutive months, you will inevitably create a strong foundation upon which monumental success can be built.  There are currently five different Crown Clubs, each celebrating the amazing leadership and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit of the Consultants who join them:

Crown Club 5:

Maintain five personally-sponsored active Consultants for three consecutive months.

Crown Club 10:

Maintain ten personally-sponsored active Consultants for three consecutive months.

Crown Club 25:

Maintain twenty-five personally-sponsored active Consultants for three consecutive months.

Crown Club 50: 

Maintain fifty personally-sponsored active Consultants for three consecutive months.


Crown Club 75: 

Maintain seventy -five personally-sponsored active Consultants for three consecutive months.

Helping Consultants on your team become members of the Crown Club is a great way to motivate and encourage them.  It can also set you up for success as you teach your team the crucial technique of duplication.  Duplication is the defining ingredient that can set you up for monumental, long-term financial success within the power of network marketing.  Check your team members’ progress regularly by utilizing the ‘Revolution Bonus Qualifications’ report in your Back Office.  At a quick glance, you can see how many personally-sponsored, active Consultants your team members have for the current (or any) month!  This will allow you to seek out those who have hit Crown Club qualifications and encourage them to keep up the good work! 

To learn more about the Crown Club and its rewards, click here!


(Paparazzi Recognition)

It’s no secret that Paparazzi Consultants have the BEST job in the world.  How many people do you know that get to party for a living?  And when it comes to partying for a living, there is an amazing group of Consultants who are living it up in true Paparazzi style.  These are the people who are OBSESSED with the Paparazzi product.  They thrive on feeding their customers’ $5 habits and LIVE for their next party.  They eat, sleep, and breathe Paparazzi pink!  Their conversations always seem to circle back to their latest favorite piece and their eyes light up as soon as they get the opportunity to share their obsession with anyone who will listen. 
These Consultants have built thriving retail empires $5 at a time and seem to leave a trail of bling everywhere they go.  These girls know how to work a room.  They know how to make their guests feel like the stars of the show. They are warm, inviting, contagious, spunky, and fun.  They light up a room!

This unique group THRIVES on the fun that fuels Paparazzi.  They are … the 



Consultants who accumulate 5,000 PV or more within a year (from July-June) (That's 420 PV per month) will be affectionately known as the Life of the Party with Bronze Access. And with Bronze Access, they’ll be receiving some amazing perks:

  • A beautiful certificate with shimmering bronze foil accents that can be displayed proudly as you stake your claim as one of Paparazzi’s ultimate party animals.  This certificate will only be given at their annual convention on Stage. 

  • A Life of the Party branded bag, to help fuel that $5 fever as they carry their stash of jewelry from party to party.

  • A bundle of 25 pieces of convention inventory! *Only @ Convention.

  • Exclusive access to FIVE different accessories every month for an entire YEAR that are only available to our Life of the Party members for 48 blissfully uninterrupted hours.  They will have the inside scoop because we’ll be letting them know 24 hours in advance before these pieces are released.  Then they AND their customers will have exclusive access to purchase these pieces during that 48 hour VIP buying window. After that 48-hour window, these five incredible pieces will be taken off the shelf, and will make their public debut to the entire Paparazzi family at a later date.


To Learn more about Silver and Gold Access Click here

New Life of the Party Access

When we launched the Life of the Party program at our 2015 convention, IGNITE, we were thrilled to have a new way to recognize our retail rock stars who are focused on the Paparazzi party.  On stage at IGNITE, we had a small group of Consultants who had become the Life of the Party with Bronze or Silver Access and one Consultant who had achieved Gold Access.  That MOMENT… was a totally different story!
During the Black & White Recognition Gala, we celebrated nearly THREE times the number of Consultants who became the Life of the Party with Bronze Access.  Those with Silver Access more than DOUBLED, and we invited over twenty Consultants on stage to receive their Life of the Party with Gold Access rewards. 
Over the last twelve months, there were a few $5 fanatics who kept the party going long after they reached the 15,000 PV required to become the Life of the Party with Gold Access.  If you know Paparazzi, you know we can never resist another reason to celebrate!  Say hello to the next tier of the Life of the Party program:

Life of the Party with Platinum Access!

To become the Life of the Party with Platinum Access, you must accumulate a total of 25,000 PV between July 1st and June 30th.  As a Life of the Party member with Platinum Access, you will receive:

  • Monthly Mentor Call with a Founder             

  • Double Hostess Rewards for an entire year

  • FIVE of each monthly exclusive piece available only to our Life of the Party members! 


In addition to the amazing benefits listed above, those who become the Life of the Party with Platinum Access and join us at our annual convention will receive:

  • Framed certificate with shimmering platinum foil embellishments

  • A Life of the Party branded bag

  • One of each piece of the entire convention collection

  • A complete set of the Zi Collection

  • An invitation to the Founders’ Life of the Party Luncheon

  • A sparkling tiara trophy

  • A Life of the Party branded jacket

  • An opportunity to model your favorite Paparazzi Blockbuster!  Your photo will be featured online and your name will be included in the product description for an entire year!

After the Life of the Party with Platinum Access was unveiled, they saw Consultants instantly start making plans to reach this milestone in 2017.  But they weren’t done with the surprises!  On Friday morning, August 2016, Misty and Trent extended a challenge to see who would be the very FIRST Consultant to become the... 

Life of the Party with Diamond Access!

Diamonds are formed from immense pressure.  By being pressed to their limit, they become a thing of true rarity and beauty.  Diamonds represent the best of the best and sparkle brilliantly for all to see.
To become the Life of the Party with Diamond Access, you will be pushed to the limit.  By accumulating 35,000 PV in one year, you will generate a staggering $87,500 in retail sales.  Proving that you can indeed party for a living - and a decent living at that!
Those who become the Life of the Party with Diamond Access in 2017 will be the first to receive all of the rewards listed above for those with Platinum Access, plus:

  • We will upgrade the tiara trophy to a full crown, truly fit for Paparazzi party royalty.

  • Then, Misty & Chani will take you to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway, complete with shopping!

  • We will wrap up the celebration with a visit to Paparazzi headquarters in Hurricane, UT.


This will be a whole new level for Paparazzi!  We can't wait to see who will make Paparazzi history next year!   

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