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The Power of Being Adaptable

The business world is full of unexpected surprises and unforeseen events. Your ability to adapt to these curve balls can often make or break your potential for success. Objectively assessing a situation and changing an approach when needed is a skill that all business owners should develop. On any given day as a Paparazzi Consultant, you will be faced with a number of opportunities to adapt. The good news is, you have the choice in how you handle the perceived setback. Perhaps a party didn’t have the turnout you were expecting. Assess the outcome and adapt for next time. You could try working more closely with the Hostess as she thought about who to invite or see if there was a style of jewelry that her particular group was looking for that you didn’t have in stock. Not only will this help you throw a better party for that specific Hostess in the future, it encourages you to adapt your business model and hopefully ask more questions before the next party you throw. Being adaptable as a leader is equally as crucial to your success. Listen to your team members as they give cues (both verbal and nonverbal) on what your role will be as their Sponsor. What worked well for you and your Sponsor may not work for everyone. Every relationship is different. Maybe your Sponsor called you weekly and you loved that regular interaction; your team member may only want to hear from you once a month. Being flexible in your business model creates a culture that will maximize the opportunity for success. “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.” - Nolan Ryan

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